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Tommy Dashwood is on the hunt for the golden soda. The once detective turned hunter is on the find for an exotic item that is produced before the war. But beware for he is not the only one who wants the soda! For a thief a murderer and a mysterious third party! Get ready for thrills! Excitement! And sarcastic comments and long descriptions of random things. Not to mention bad grammar and awkward humour. (Seriously. English is not my first language and my grammar is pretty bad and I have really awkward humour. Also if you work for some super cool game company please hire me! And if you are not please send my game to your friends and tell them to do the same! I really would like to be hired! LOL)

Install instructions

download quest game maker if you can't open or play it



The golden soda demo.quest 33 kB
The golden soda .quest 77 kB

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